Raspberry Roulade

Lesley Holdship - Home Economist, Food Stylist & Recipe Writer

Recipe Development, Writing & Testing

I love writing recipes. The fabulous thing about writing recipes is that there are unending ideas and connotations using different ingredients, cooking methods and equipment. It is unusual though now, to find one that is unique, but things change and so do techniques and there can always be a fresh angle or modern tweak.

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Lesley Holdship Raspberry Roulade standing next to the bookcase
Lesley Holdship of Raspberry Roulade looks for ingredients at Borough Market
The process of the initial request, through to the roots of the recipe then cooking the ideas and on to the finality of eating what was the seed of an idea, is wondrous. To then hear people exclaim that they have cooked the dish and it works perfectly, tastes great and looks brilliant gives me the surge to do more. And so it goes on, not in a vicious circle but a smooth flowing movement from start to finish.

Recipes are a blueprint or a cornerstone for some people, then for others, the recipe needs to be followed exactly. In this light the recipes must be written with, confidence and flair to accommodate all. We all would like food to be exciting but that does not mean it has to be highly complicated to prepare. Simplicity creates confidence, concluding your cooking time with gratifying results and fabulous flavours!
Lesley Holdship Raspberry Roulade trimming apples for recipe development