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Lesley Holdship working with Children and Food

Working with Children & Food

Children present a fabulous aspect to cookery. They are uninhibited and cook with freedom and expression. Their cooking most certainly shows personality and individuality, which is essentially what food should be about. Teaching children was not in my original plan but I got thrown into it by one of my main clients. I took it on with trepidation and now get withdrawal symptoms after a time of no children. It certainly adds enormous job satisfaction to my day when their little faces beam with pleasure at the end of a session.
Lesley Holdship working with Children and Food
Cookery – and simple home skills – is missing from many children’s lives as parents work more and time is filled with computer games and TV. Basic cookery not only brings the skill to life of making something to eat but includes other skills like math, learning about different cultures, farming methods, animal welfare and self awareness.

Speaking to the children on their level, not like babies and encouraging them all the way is key. The food should be fun but on the other hand interesting with serious notes thrown in. I don’t believe in making food into pictures of faces or into boats, but believe in keeping it vibrant and appetising. Presenting children with flavour and texture is an exciting time. There are no flavours too adult, in my opinion. But there will always be things some won't like. But hey, we all have foods not to our taste!
Lesley Holdship Raspberry Roulade Childrens Food, Food Styling and Recipe Development
Recipes for children need to be all of these things. My son, Harley, is a great springboard for my ideas, which is a real boon when writing recipes for children.
And after all, these little people are our future. They are little sponges that need nurture and education which can only come from adults, so come on! Let’s jump on the band wagon and do some cooking with our children. And for goodness sake, stop worrying about the flour sprinkled all over the kitchen, it’s all in the name of our tummies!
  • I create recipes geared towards children and teachers
  • I teach in a classroom environment and can provide bespoke lesson plans
  • I educate children in a fun and informative way