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left overs!

Tue, Jan 24 2012
It seems a crying shame to me to put any sort of food in the bin! And there is something inherently satisfying about making a meal from bits and pieces left behind from headier times.
I love making a really simple soup with a cooked chicken carcass. Just strip off any left over cooked meat, bubble the bones in water with some vegetables - if you want.  Then dice things like carrots, onions, mushrooms, leek, courgettes softening them in some butter or olive oil, then pour over the stock adding some woody herbs. Simmer until the vegetables are tender adding some rice to thicken. Season well and serve with some crusty bread. If you didnt want soup, perhaps just adding the rest of the cooked meat to a risotto or make a lovely retro fricassee!
Tonight I fancied some rice so I just made a kind of jambalaya. I love one pot cooking!

to serve 2...
chop up a good handful of each celery, onion and courgettes and soften in a generous glug of olive oil. add a crushed clove of garlic if you fancy and cook for a moment more. if you have any, slice some chorizo at this point, it will really add flavour, so let it fry out so it starts release its oil. add 3 good handfuls of basmati rice along with a teaspoon of smoked paprika and stir to coat everything in the oily juices. pour in stock to a ratio of double stock to rice and add a little extra stock cube if you want! throw in some herbs like bay and thyme then season and simmer for about 10 minutes. scatter in some peas and sweetcorn if you have some and then any cooked chicken left from the carcass. Some prawns straight from the freezer, too, then bubble for around 10 minutes adding a little more stock if you think it needs it. serve with nothing more than a chilled glass of sauvignon!

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