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Sun, Jan 15 2012

New Year's resolution....write more blog posts!
Anyway, out at my friend Sally Ann's house for lunch today was a fun affair. Not only did we visit people we love being with but we ate great food and met their crazy Aunt Liz.
We have heard so many incredible and unbelievable stories about her, it was good to finally put a face to the name. Seventy something and from a farming background, she was lively and fascinating. and pretty eccentric too. Sally Ann had told me that Aunt Liz ate woodcock brains on toast and was also under the impression that I was very in to offal and had also brought some of her books to show me. Yeh, thanks for that Sally Ann!

Well the upshot was that one of the books Aunt Liz had brought, was a book that the family cook, Violet Buckingham had written and noted in during her service with the family 70 years ago. It was so very good to see a piece of history like that with newspaper clippings and recipes noted down. It certainly made me come home and want to write everything I do down in a book to pass on through the family. Aunt Liz had also brought with her 2 scrap books with recipes from magazines and some written by her grandmother and mother. But I dont think anything I stick in to a scrap book will be as interesting as how to make an omelette in the 1960's by a 12 year old in a paisley shirt!
It was a truly wondrous recipe account of her life, and I loved leafing through everything!
And I am definitely going to get my pritt stick out and get collecting myself!
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