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Thu, Mar 1 2012
In our house, what could be classed as retro food has never really gone out of fashion! I love the kitsch dishes of the 70's and 80's, they bring back good memories of some of my childhood food revelations!
Whilst shopping today, I spotted shell on prawns that Harley was keen on buying for our lunch.
I was going to eat the little chaps cold with some lemon but looking at them shot me back to about 1987 when I worked in my Dad's hotel in Cornwall. We used to cook copious amounts of shell on prawns in various guises but my favourite will always be garlic butter. The intoxicating smell of the shells cooking in the hot butter, warming up all of the essential oils in the prawns, that produces such a beautiful smell.
So, a big lump of butter goes in to a large frying pan. Melt it until it starts to bubble a little then throw in a couple of crushed cloves of garlic. Add the prawns and cook for around 5 minutes. Lastly, just before serving, scatter in a handful of chopped parsley and a squeeze in half a lemon. Stir well and serve with lots of crusty bread and a finger bowl! Lovely.

Back then, a measurement of prawns in a pub was often in a half pint or a pint glass. A dollop of mayo and the obligatory finger bowl as mentioned before.  Placing it down in, you would live in the hopes that the customer doesn't think it is some kind of weird soup!
Prawns also put me in mind of my first cat. He used to love the empty shells that came back from the restaurant. He loved to crunch them even if they were covered in chilli! It sounds a little like Fawlty Towers sketch to me!I wonder if there was ever a health inspector eating at the time!!
Anyway, Harley never had any prawns today, he wanted a peanut butter sarnie!
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