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gifts for friends!

Fri, Jan 20 2012
I love nothing more than taking something home-made as a gift when invited out to supper. Quite often, taking wine or a bottle is kind of redundant as the host will have most likely shopped for everything anyway!So, our friend whom we visited tonight, really loves shortbread and brownies. And luckily for me, particularly the ones I make. So my son, Harley's choice was to take some shortbread. I bought
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edible gifts

Thu, Nov 11 2010
I really can't have been more lucky this year. Whilst our country trickles along in a recession I have been so busy with work I don't know what to do with myself! But as we move on towards Christmas I really want to get more organised and keep a little time for myself as one of my favourite gifts to give to the people i love is, of course, food. Not only does making the gift make you feel good if you
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