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Cupcake wars!

Sat, Jun 2 2012
I have long since been making a cake in a muffin tin but not calling it a cupcake. The term has exploded in to people's consciousness and become big business in more ways than just making them. Aside from that, it has also been a bugbear of mine though, when people call an individual cake a muffin. Here we have 2 completely different animals one made with a different method to the other, producing
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Easter Spirit.

Fri, Feb 5 2010
When I think of Easter, a Sinmel cake comes to mind but never into reality! Marzipan, fruits and the very traditions of it are what give me the desire to bake it, then many factors contribute to me never making it at all. As Easter is early next month, I thought I would get you ready in advance! This delicious cake is thought to have originated in the medieval times and has also had ties with Mothering
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